The Banquet Room at Cascade Grill, Albany, OR

Our Banquet Room

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Social Events

Social events and banquets are handled in a most professional manner by the superb team of event experts at Cascade Grill. Highly flexible options are available, suited to any occasion. All elements of the event are carefully managed, including menu choices.

Business Meetings

Business meetings exude professionalism and an air of success when held at Cascade Grill. Nothing is more comforting for an event organizer than to know they are fully supported by a team of professionals who take care of every detail to the highest standard.

Family Reunions

The next time you need a place to hold your family reunion or get together let us clean up the mess for you! We can accommodate crowds of up to 35. Give it a try.

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Cascade Grill is a suitably impressive place for every event, connecting people, places and traditions.

Please call or email us below us to reserve the room for your upcoming event.